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Employee Experience Journey:

Hearst Media, Vehicle History

Challenge: Build a data-driven talent department with a new focus!

Solution: Implemented a world-class talent stack solution.

Success Metrics:

Cold Lead
to Interview
Cold Lead
to Interview
Q4 to Q1
After 20 Day Posting
We averaged 15.8 applicants/week
4x the initial target.
PL campaign outperformed Hearst site by 3.5X in clicks, CTR and mobile clicks.
2.5/week from Hearst

Blitzscale Consulting :

GlobalRRG, MyPandaApp & TheContainerBox

Challenge: To "blizscale" an international supply chain, from manufacturer to front door. So they could deliver critical medical supplies.

Solution: Organized an interdisciplinary group of private/public sector leaders to implement a procurement strategy.

Success Metrics:

Succeeded in building an entire supply chain from supply procurement to delivery

Built and secured national AND international relationships that netted multiple multi-million dollar transaction that directly led to saving lives of critical care professional on the front line

30 MILLION UNITS sold within 60 days

Recruiting Delivery:

NewsCorp, & GreenSky

Challenge: Tasked with scaling a recently acquired start up's engineering and SCRUM division with 45 days.

Solution: Implemented a world-class talent stack solution.

Success Metrics:

Two difficult to fill positions

occupied within 40 days

Assigned right-hand person to the CTO

CTO recommended to grow within the company

(more access to other orgs in company)

Saved 25K in potential financial loss

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