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What I would have posted...#precovid part III

Updated: Sep 24, 2020

Continuing with the theme of what we were going to discuss in the world prior to #covid19

One of the many great connections @Peoplelift made in 2019 was Ronnell Richards . In these two clips, Ronnell and I discussed #vulnerability and being your #authentic self.

Vulnerability - via LinkedIn

With vulnerability, it's been clear to me that by removing your own ego from the problem, most people will be willing to help you. That is how our organization went from a cup of coffee and an idea to being nominated for 40 under 40 and recognized by Forbes for our outstanding growth.

Authenticity via LinkedIn

Authenticity is based on confidence and that can be more difficult for some naturally guarded(hello INFJ here!) folks. In this discussion we spoke about how I found my voice by just being the introvert that I am.

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