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Tim David Promoted to Chief Operating Officer of PeopleLift

PeopleLift is happy to announce the promotion of Tim David to Chief Operating Officer.

Tim David has a tremendous past of hard work, networking and multiple business ownerships. Tim owned his first business at 22 years old. He eventually sold the business and went back to accounting in the food and beverage industry which he quickly realized wasn’t for him… So when did recruiting come in?

Tim started as a commission only recruiter and quickly worked his way up. Tim is an entrepreneur at heart and he started WestonHouse International, Inc. in 2008 which launched his journey into the RPO/Consulting world. He met Tim Visconti in 2017 while consulting with a client in the middle of a large scaling event. In 2018, he joined Brightwell Talent Solutions as VP of Accounting and Finance Search. Not long after PeopleLift was born, Tim left Brightwell to join the team as Head of Delivery.

Since then, Tim has been part of growing our business through COVID and building the company he wants to work in. We are so grateful to have Tim on our team. He is the ideal leader. He is living out PeopleLift’s values: “Caring Relentlessly and Achieving Boldly” every day. He has been an asset to our team and will continue to do so in his new role as Chief Operating Officer!

About PeopleLift:

PeopleLift is a rapidly growing Recruiting and HR Consulting firm.

We’re changing the conversation of how companies attract, engage and retain their most important asset, their people. We offer custom solutions that empower growth minded businesses with holistic world class hiring solutions guaranteed to accelerate their growth curve via bleeding edge intelligence, recruiting and retention programs. We also offer Talent Marketing (Employer Branding) solutions that set small and mid-size companies up for success against their competitors when recruiting the best talent.

We operate in three countries with clients ranging from pre-revenue, high potential, startups... to global Fortune 500 organizations.

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