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The Power of Agility

In order to survive as a small business these days, it is imperative that you are nimble.

Before Covid-19 hit, we were a small boutique, ‘lifestyle’ business focusing on hiring for

new/emerging projects for large tech companies. We had plans to grow at a steady rate

throughout the next year.

Like everyone else, we were blindsided by the pandemic. Our revenue dropped 95% and we lost 100% of our projected revenue over the next 70 days. We had to cut our team and make personal sacrifices, including cutting salaries. We weren’t sure if we would make it.

But then we found a niche in the most unanticipated places - manufacturing, supply and

logistics companies that were responding to COVID 19 . A company specializing in disinfectant products and poised to double, came to us through a recommendation. This type of problem required all three phases of our business but was in a vertical that we were not the industry experts. We were the disruptors and we took them on in hopes of helping provide essential products. Instead of hiring for high end tech roles, we now were searching for skilled labor workers from executive to shift work.

We found that our approach and innovative technology stack were perfect for what our client needed. We streamlined our internal processes from initial interview to offer letter with the goal of doubling headcount(from 150 to 300) in less than 100 days. This was a once in a lifetime experience for this company and they trusted us to deliver the near impossible - we made the impossible reality and made a direct impact on the fight against Covid

19 . Had it not been for our ability to pivot from the tech industry to the manufacturing industry, our client would have lost their business and the trust of the industry to deliver the talent solutions needed.

So how can you improve your agility?

It starts with your team. You have to have people who are open-minded and willing to roll with the punches. Your agility means nothing if you don’t have a team to help back it up and produce results.

Next, take a step back. Look at the big picture and weigh the pros and cons of each decision you make. You may find that the unlikely decision will be the most beneficial.

Finally, commit. Commit to that unlikely decision and see it through.

Agility without perseverance is worthless.

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